Although very skilled in other mediums, Bregelle’s true passion lies in acrylic. Her style is meant to resemble the crisp illusion of silk screening, but with rich textured surface of a painting. As a colorist, she uses a limited palette to bring out the life and energy of each subject, contain within the space of a simple canvas. Through a simplified palette Bregelle believes, “Constraints or limitations breed creativity”. Her unique approach to painting was fueled by the desire to reinvent the Pop-Art movement. Drawing inspiration from artists like Andy Warhol, Alphonse Mucha, and Thomas Moran; she has taken Warhol’s idea of mass production and turned it around, to create a unique painting. This has lead to her Neo-Pop Art style.

Bregelle attended Brigham Young University of Idaho, where she was awarded several scholarships for artistic and academic excellence, and finished a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration in record time. She has been featured in countless solo and group art shows across the nation including; the Springville Museum’s Annual Spring Salon, Hogle Zoo’s World of the Wild show, and the National Museum of Wildlife Art’s Western Visions show. She has been blessed with collectors through out the United States and from Australia, Norway, and even China. Her artwork has also been featured in several articles and magazines; including Western Art Collector,

Bregelle was raised in the small town of Sugar City, Idaho. Growing up near Jackson, WY and Yellowstone National Park she gained a great appreciation of fine art inside galleries and outside in the wonders of nature. She grew up in a home of animal lovers where she gained her passion for wildlife. She, still to this day, spends hours watching, studying, and photographing animals. Although during much of the year she resides in the Salt Lake City area, no longer a small town girl.